Since 2007 – We’ve been suppling the Grand Strand Area in top quality landscaping supplies. We demand top quality from our suppliers for 100% customer satisfaction!

Our 100% natural wood fiber mulches are not huge shredded pieces nor are they the tiny fine pieces that float and blow away easily in the rain and wind. Our cypress mulches are a medium texture that weave together nicely and stay in place much better during windy conditions. This is mulch that we use at our own home. You will not be disappointed.

Red Cypress is a favorite for Commercial Areas and looks nice around palm trees and evergreen plantings. Red Cypress is not recommended in areas where there are flowering plants and plants that have a large leaf drop.

Forest Brown Cypress is for those that love a rich earthy looking landscape. With the natural shade of brown your plants will look right at home and this color will help hide the dropped leaves from deciduous plants.

Forest Black Cypress has become quite popular for the WOW factor it gives to your plants. Makes your blooms more noticeable and they appear bolder. Black looks really good with a house that has black accents, such as shutters or wrought iron.
Hardwood is a mixture of oaks and other hard wood trees, this is a great started mulch! Hardwood adds nitrogen to poor soils and retains moisture exceptionally well.

Our Products and Services Include:
Mulch- Cypress and Natural Hardwood
Play Cushion- Certified Playground Mulch
Pine straw ONLY Long Needle, (no slash or lob-lolly) beautiful clean bales
Turkey Compost- cured and ready for your garden
Natural Organic Compost
Premium Organic Topsoil
Centipede, Zoysia, St. Augustine and Bermuda SOD, by the pallet.
Centipede and St. Augustine by the 1/2 pallet and by the piece.
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Landscape fabric, staples, grass seed, fertilizers and much more!
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